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Land Transport (Clean Vehicle) Amendment Bill

Submitting to: Transport and Infrastructure Select CommitteeAuthor: Tina SchirrDate: 2021-11-04Category: EnergyTags: Transport | Emissions | Stage: DonePriority: MediumIssue for Business: Decarbonising our transport sector is an of the obvious way for New Zealand to...

Market Study into the Retail Fuel Sector

Submitting to: Commerce CommissionAuthor: Tina SchirrDate: 2019-09-13Category: EnergyTags: resources | Oil and Gas | Transport | Stage: DoneIssue for Business: In light of the passage of legislation giving the Commerce Commission new market inquiry powers, the...

Low Emission Vehicle Consultation Paper

Submitting to: Ministry of Transport (MoT)Author: Tina SchirrDate: 2019-08-20Category: EnergyTags: Transport | Emissions | Stage: DoneIssue for Business: This submission focuses on a systemic approach, but also comments on the two specific proposals – to introduce a...