Tax Administration in a Digital World: An officials’ issues paper to support future tax administration

Last updated: March 31, 2022


Tax Administration in a Digital World: An officials’ issues paper to support future tax administration

Published: March 31, 2022

Stage: Early in process

Priority: Medium

Submitting To: Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

Issue for Business: IRD are currently looking at possible policy changes required to support a more digital tax system. This covers frameworks for considering policy changes, and what the shift to digital could mean for a more digital tax system, taxpayers, Inland Revenue, and digital inclusion. It also covers specific areas for feedback, including: • The regulatory framework applying to external parties, including intermediaries and other entities which interact with the tax and payments system; • The rules, frameworks and scope of data sharing; and • How tax legislation could support a more digital future. To assist IRD in terms of their early thinking around a more digital tax administration system, members may recall BusinessNZ (with the assistance of the BusinessNZ Tax Group) released a white paper in November last year entitled The Future of Tax Administration in New Zealand. The Paper looked at how New Zealand’s tax administration could be improved with better technology and more partnerships with the private sector. The BusinessNZ Tax Group white paper can be viewed here: We note there is much cross-over between the BusinessNZ Paper and the IRD one. Overall, we support the work IRD are doing in this space, and believe the IRD Paper is a good first step to ensuring a collaborative effort between Government and the private sector takes place.

Action: Submission sent on 31 March.

Outcome: Awaiting submission review.


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